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My Mission and Services

Welcome to  SubAquatic !

Swim coach- Daniel Smith

BELOW-Swim Clinic with Sirius Triathletes In LA-       
 Olympian Sheila Taormina and Top Coach Siri Lindley-(coach of 2010
 Ironman World Triathlon Champion, Miranda Carfrae and 2012 Ironman World Champ Leanda Cave)
    As a SHigh School Swim coach, A fellow competitive triathlete & Swimmer,  founder and Coach of Team PR Triathlon -(as well as a teammate on Team HFP Racing) and a U.S.A.Triathlon. Coach, I have seen such a need for this in All levels of competitive swimming, and triathlon swim training...So I would love to offer my services  to you!

I  have had the chance to work with the worlds top swimmers, coaches, and triathletes coaching and capturing images and video for a number of very cool projects and Books. 

  I spend time travelling and assisting 4 X Olympian Sheila Taormina, on her new Swimming books *"Swim Speed Secrets" and "Swim Speed workouts "(that she hired me to shoot the images for),- as well as coaching clinics for top swimmers, (see; ) where I have been capturing the underwater video for coaching analysis, and helping to coach her top notch swim technique.
(*photojournal Link from the coaching and book tour-)

Sheila Taormina and I, also recently collaborated on a very cool and unique swimming instructional flip book-
where it is a dynamic and inteactive teaching tool for all levels of swimmer~!
you can see it here-

 ~I am available for hire to come to your facility and film your athletes underwater in multi angle, high def. video for your personal analysis and coaching needs! 
  - My costs are low, therefore I can make it very affordable for you also!...
  (*I do not coach,- Unless you hire me to.)

But.. If you decide, also for each athlete, I can set up a post taping analysis session with your group, where we watch each individuals video on a TV and have a critique and learn what we can change to become faster than ever!

*(see  $-Rates page- to the Right),


At Left-
Me with Olympians,Allison Schmitt, Margaret Kelly and Sheila Taormina

Me & Olympian Peter VanderKaay

Why video Analysis? 
   Because Water is a foriegn medium to us humans,which makes it hard to see what we are doing down in the 3rd dimention, it is Critical to see what we ARE doing wrong, so we can become focused more on improving those things holding us back.* Even the Top swimmers BELIEVE they are doing a perfect stroke, and when we view the video, Even They
are usuallyshocked and then grateful to be able to gain more speed which accompanies refining  the imperfections in a sport that is so critically technical!

   With video analysis you can quickly optimise technique to maximize your technique and  performance while                   
reducing the risk of injury.
   Because most skills happen at speed, accurate analysis is difficult relying solely on the naked eye. Even if you can identify an issue, communicating your observations to others can be challenging. *This Low cost video offer allows you to get the same coaching affect as the Top pro athletes and you can also view your video at home  as a refresher whenever you need a reminder !

Video analysis  allows you to:
  • View and analyse skills in slowed motion.
  • Visually articulate what is happening now and how technique can be modified.
  • Compare movement before and after a technique modification or against a ideal technique .      

Olympian and Pro Triathlete
Victor plata
practices his feel for the water -sculling drill.

Please see Below
for a few of my short 
Video examples

to view..please click on photos below

(A few more couple short clips of different angle views below)

Side View
Sheila Taormina-2011

Sheila Flips~!
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I am also available for underwater photography
 or any other photography for special needs images and portraits~!

up and coming top swimmer...

 Portrait  Photography Gallery

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Please see $-Rates page Here
 -or contact me for special projects, costs,or coaching needs.


My Fine Art Photography
Click My photo of Trees in Winter below!

Thank You for your interest and your time!
... Daniel Smith


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